Monday, February 02, 2009

I went to Prince's house

Yes, it's true. I was in the man's house. It was one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. My official recount of the evening can be found here on the L.A. Times website.

Something that was omitted from the piece was a mention of his current harmonica player, Frederic Yonnet. The guy is simply amazing. I haven't heard someone blow a harp this well since the glory days of Magic Dick and the J. Geils Band. When Prince and the band tore through a version of the Rolling Stones classic "Miss You," he positively ignited the room with his immense talent.

I had a chance to chat with Mr. Yonnet at the event, and he was as kind and humble as they come. A true gentleman and class act.

I love the above video. The intro from Dave Chappelle is hilarious, and spot-on. Like Chappelle, I didn't know I liked harmonica music before this guy (Magic Dick not withstanding). Frederic Yonnet is the truth.