Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Best of the '80s: Dif Juz, "No Motion"

When people talk about music in the '80s, they usually reference popular but fleeting stuff from bands like A-Ha.

But underneath the surface churned all sorts of amazing music that never really saw the light of day outside of specialty radio shows way down at the end of the dial that would come on late at night, a few import magazines and of course, the one or two indie record stores that existed in most major cities.

Dif Juz is one such band. As part of the 4AD roster alongside the likes of Bauhaus and Cocteau Twins, their dreamy, atmospheric instrumentals were stunningly gorgeous.

The band's biggest moment was having their song "No Motion" appear on the 4AD compilation album Lonely is an Eyesore. This chiming slice of sonic heaven is a timeless wonder. Enjoy.


Hank Jenkins said...

You're 4AD nostalgia is killing me. I used to own a Dif Juz album and some eps. I never ever knew of anyone else listening to them. Kind of makes me think a bit of old Duritti Column at times as well.