Monday, July 27, 2009

I saw Grace Jones last night

Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl was everything I wanted it to be and less. I say "less" because my only quibble with the show were the songs she didn't play—"Nightclubbing," "Private Life" and "Warm Leatherette" are just a few of the classics she omitted from her set.

Still, it was a tremendous show that proved exactly why she's so revered as one of the ultimate divas of all time. Costume changes were numerous, including one amazing red flower geometric-shaped dress during "La Vie En Rose" that when she turned around was completely backless, revealing her naked 61 year old ass to the crowd. Priceless.

I realize that it's 'cool' to name-check Grace Jones. But I can honestly say I've loved her music since I was around 13, which is when my older brother left his copy of the "Nightclubbing" album in my room. And I ain't been right since.