Thursday, May 07, 2009

Today’s obsession: New Boyz: “You’re a Jerk”

Thanks to Detroit homegirl Kathy Rivkin giving me the heads up, I’ve found my new favorite song. In the grand tradition of Soulja Boy, teen L.A. hip-hop duo New Boyz has delivered “You’re A Jerk.”

It’s reminiscent of the Neptunes minimal era, when they were cooking up classics like “Grindin’” for the Clipse and “Nothin’” for N.O.R.E. mixed with some of that Cool Kids retroism (note their super-trendy style profile, heavy on bright colors and plaid. I guess kids in the 'hood ARE shopping at American Apparel).
This spacious hip-hop jam also comes with a new dance, “the Jerk.”

Yes, “You’re A Jerk” is totally ridiculous. It’s also pretty awesome. Watch your back, Soulja Boy. L.A. is comin’ atcha!

Here's a brief clip of the Boyz getting the kiddies all riled up at a SoCal high school show:

UPDATE: I couldn't resist. I wrote about the New Boyz for the L.A. Times.