Thursday, January 22, 2009

Detroit Flashback: Boblo Island


Once upon a time, Detroit had it's very own amusement park. What made it doubly cool was that it was located on its very own island just off the shore of the city, actually in Canadian waters. Which meant that to get there, you had to ride the Boblo Boat, and old-fashioned steamer ferry that would shuttle packs of kids and their harried parents to the park.

Boblo was one of those places that you would go to at least once a summer as a kid. But as one got older, the lure of the then burgeoning "mega-coasters" at nearby parks like Cedar Point overshadowed Boblo's far more meager attractions.

Still, nothing could ever top the party that would always happen on the boat ride, especially coming back in the late afternoon/early evening. The DJ would spin the funky radio hits of the day (Michael Jackson was a perennial), and it was Dance Party USA, Motown style. Boblo ruled.