Thursday, November 02, 2006

Love is All at The Echo, November 3

It’s time to get happy in indie land when this smiley-faced band of Swedes hits the spot. Gaining furious momentum across the blogosphere, these poppy post-punks charm with a delightfully unselfconscious joy, barreling through exuberant tunes like a teenager behind the wheel of his first car. Rife with bleating saxophones and melancholy melodies somewhere around early Psychedelic Furs and classic Romeo Void, their music can also rev it up with the best of them, like a sweeter version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Love is All’s aptly titled album Nine Times That Same Song (What’s Your Rupture?) riffs all over the highs and lows of l-o-v-e both simply and effectively. Singer Josephine Olausson’s high-pitched yelp (Björk O?) overflows with childlike glee against scrappy guitars and highly danceable beats. Pogo party tonight!

(Originally published in the LA Weekly, 11/06)