Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Secret Machines at Avalon, Monday, October 23

If pops won’t shut up about Roger Waters’ recent shows at the Bowl, you’d do well to introduce him to these new kids on the epic-rock block. This pulverizing power trio’s massive monuments of sound blend the druggy psychedelia of Pink Floyd with the stage-strutting bombast of Led Zeppelin (drummer Josh Garza assaults his kit like he’s possessed by the spirit of John Bonham). Layered with the hypnotic drone of Krautrock and touches of moody shoe-gazer blues, it’s an intoxicating mix that’s not just for stoners anymore. Expounding on their cinematic debut, Now Here Is Nowhere, with the wide-open spaces of the dreamier follow-up, Ten Silver Drops, the Secret Machines keep it classic by jamming in the round for an especially intense sonic experience. Prog on, people. And at Union Station, Tues. (Scott T. Sterling)

(Originally published in the LA Weekly, 10/06)