Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Two of indie hip-hop’s most compelling characters team up Wonder Twins style to activate this dynamic double-bill. Boston’s Mr. Lif is cruising in on the back of his fully realized new release, Mo’ Mega (Def Jux), which tempers his trademark high-minded microphone mediations with some of his most personal ruminations to date. Updating the Public Enemy manifesto of self-empowerment through boombastic beats, Lif’s lyrical dexterity is truly a wonder to behold. Def Jux labelmate Cage comes to the table with an unbelievably brutal back-story that powers tough-talking bomb tracks. From stories of childhood abuse to his own twisted tales of drugs, drama and violence, Hell’s Winter, the latest release from this self-described “recovering mental patient” is the sonic equivalent of a particularly heinous Harvey Keitel film as sound-tracked by El-P. Get ready to rumble, y’all.

(originally posted in the LA Weekly, July 2006. The pic of Mr. Lif ripping it up live is from his Myspace page. Word.)